1. Farmer Gets Support
  2. Farmer has potential to get additional income
  3. Farmer will follow a standard process as guided by Allcanfarm

  1. Angle farmer reduce their carbon tool print
  2. Angle farmer will have option to live in farm
  3. Angle farmer can find market for produce


All Can Farm

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  Angel Farmer

Eg. Mangoes Angle Farmer $80 per tree per year

Year 1

Adopt 100 Trees

See farm progress online

can option to live in his farm

Partnership year
farmer sell mango tree for $100 end of season angle farmer gets $40

Mangoes packaged and shipped from farm

Year 2

Can find local market

Allcanfarm to provide Logistics

Farmer to own packaging

Year 2 Market reach year

More mangoes farm add

Year 3

Facilitate making mango pickle or other product

Year 3 Value add year


  1. Blend of Modes & Farm life
  2. Will Enabled
  3. Work from farm


  1. Facilitate sleeping of produce
  2. Facilitate good compliancee


  1. Will facilitate Angle Farmer to Open Market for Consuming the produce
  2. Facilitate food processing
  3. Facilitate Value add on top of produce
    eg. pickle lemon merge pickle
    - Generate local employment
    - Angle Farmer to get more value out of farming
Farmer of tomatoes

Rajesh Singh

Farmer of potato

Ashok Bhatia

Farmer of cherry

Devendra Chauhan

Farmer of tomatoes

Balveer Singh

Farmer of potato

Anita Devi

Farmer of cherry

Kulveer Rana